Ledgerstate brings made-to-fit blockchain and other decentralizing technologies to organizations and businesses, putting forward the benefits for the end user.

Understand, Explain, Empower, and Focus on Benefits. 

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The Ledgerstate Expertise

Ledgerstate is an ecosystem of curated technologies, building the infrastructure, applications, and services that enable safer, quicker and cost-efficient handling of data. We assist governments and corporations in delivering crucial services to their citizens. The results are increased speed, safety and transparency with lower costs.


what we offer

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Use Case Analysis

Ledgerstate analyzes your business, identifies the potential benefits from blockchain and other decentralizing technologies, and proposes solutions.

Infrastructure Development

Decentralized network of servers implemented in your existing systems in a very short timeframe.

Application Development

Ledgerstate develops and implements bespoke applications according to the client’s specifications.


Education and training

Ledgerstate provides training and information through seminars and workshops.


what we have


Ledgerstate shapes their product to the end user's needs. They are not tied to one specific decentralizing technology. Instead, they pick from the best technologies to create a tailored application for each use-case. Some of the technologies used include but are not limited to the following:


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