About us


At Ledgerstate we aim to bridge the gap between the blockchain world and end users through education, consulting, and choosing and implementing the right decentralizing technology for each use case. We are changing the culture of exclusivity that has formed within the blockchain community, and we are making it accessible.


Our Philosophy

The blockchain and other decentralizing technologies were created to redistribute power, moving control from centralized platforms onto platforms that are democratized, operated, and controlled by users. They were made to increase transparency, efficiency, and revolutionize the way users interact with platforms.

Today the current process of finding information and understanding decentralization and blockchain technology is unnecessarily exhausting because the technology is described in very technical terms, and has turned into a language that excludes people who do not understand it. This has created a high barrier to entry for a lot of companies seeking blockchain solutions, and goes against the whole essence of decentralization and the sharing economy these technologies promote.

We make decentralization and the blockchain simple, inclusive, and easy to implement into each company's ecosystem, putting forward the benefits for the end user.


Our Phone Numbers

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